Morning all,

After a week of number crunching, various meetings and copious amounts of coffee… we are here Friday!
And what a week it has been.
Launched this shiny new website (shiny shiny), got myself some BETA readers ahead of  latest MS draft (eeeek nervous) and now I’m launching a new Social media/marketing campaign starting off with this 1st ever FRIDAY FEATURE!!!

Moving forward I look to be on here and other various platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, all the links are on scroll bar at top of page, a couple of times a week. A few of the things I’ll be doing to keep people updated as to what’s going on in the writing process, where the book is at and some fun ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.

I’m really excited about all of this and hope you are too.
You can always get in touch as I welcome your input.

Happy Friday all!



    1. Book is currently being tweaked in its last few revisions. Publication is currently scheduled for Q4 later this year. Once I locked a specific date down I will being letting the whole world know (even if they don’t want to know ha!) 😊📚 Keep an eye on my weekly blogs for sneak peaks and previews 👀📓


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