Happy Monday one and all.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope the week is starting off well for you.

Here in chuffing old blighty, I’m deep into the revision of ‘Honour Among Thieves’, tweaking the story as I try to juggle the day to day tasks.
Since I started this process back in January, I never thought I’d be getting this involved with the writing process or taking it this seriously!
It makes me appreciate everybody trying to write out there… (I’m looking at all you other writers out there).
In fact, anybody who follows a passion outside of earning their day to day wages, here’s a Motivation Monday for you!
So what’s keeps you going? Why are you following your path?
It’s got me thinking…

This week’s blogs will therefore cover “the reasons why we do what we do”.

On Writing Wednesday, I’ll answer some questions as to why I started writing my book and why I chose to start with Kaiden’s story as my debut over some of the other mad ideas in my head.

And Friday Feature, will look into the backstory of the beloved protagonist and “why he does what he does…”

It’s a fresh start and from this beginning you can conquer your week, your month and your year.

What’s stopping you?

Until Next Time… Keep out of Trouble (if you can)DSC03079

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