Good evening all.

Writing this sat on a beautiful sunlight terrace in Surrey, England… Summer is well and truly here 🙂
On Monday I mentioned that I would explain some of the reasons why I have decided to take on this adventure that is writing a novel, and why I chose Kaiden’s story to tell first.

Why am I writing?
Good question… and one I ask myself regularly. Usually in the wee hours of the morning editing or the various stresses around work commitments when I find myself trying to solve plot holes and character developments, rather than business budgets or bringing business to the event that’s running at the end of the month. (hope boss isn’t reading… I love my job really haha)
And I think that kind of answers itself.
I started ‘Honour Among Thieves’  as a new years resolution to myself to commit to a project over course of a year (I have a terrible habit of quitting things halfway through…).
And so just over 6 months in now (damn how quick is this year going?) and I’m still going strong.
The more I write, the more I’m driven to see this through.

Why ‘Honour Among Thieves’?
Truth be told this was not my first attempt at writing a novel. Last September I sat myself down with the intention to write a book, but as per my character flaw I gave up. I wrote a 1st chapter for three separate ideas, each equally with the intention of being the illusive ‘Debut Novel’.
Safe to say they weren’t. It’s not that they were bad ideas (maybe they are?) but they weren’t the story that would break the cycle.
Then Kaiden Zwelle came along.
The man is a contemptible piece of work, yet there was an instant connection.
He was the right amount of appealing, blending likeable elements and motivations along with moments acting like an utter ‘A’ grade asshole.
Not Anti-hero… More selfish bastard… But a loveable one.
The plot intrigued me and I found myself enjoying the journey of building his world, his personality and the ultimately the trouble he’d find himself in throughout ‘Honour Among Thieves’.
In short… He was interesting.
And that made him perfect.

And that’s it really. It all snowballed from there.
6 months of hard work and probably another 6 months before we see his story in print.
A long journey that personally I’m grateful for.

I cannot wait to bring you Kaiden’s story and as such I will be revealing a sneak peek of what makes him tick, with some content from the novel on this week’s Friday Feature (Eeeeek!!!)

Until Next Time… Keep out of Trouble (if you can)long_road_to_nowhere

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