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As the week comes to its apex, its time for this week’s Friday Feature.

Kaiden Zwelle.
Master of Shadows of the Thieves Guild of Rêves.

Who’s he? you say… Good Question. Let’s find out!

Kaiden is the main  protagonist of ‘Honour Among Thieves’.

Above: I know is a picture is of Sir Galahad from The Order 1886, but this was a HUGE influence on the design of Kaiden in terms of physical looks, voice and bravado.

Kaiden however is more raw, he’s grown up through difficult circumstances in the bad parts of Rêves, living through the guild for most of his life.

I wanted a main character who drove a story through their grit and their drive as the underlying plot picked them up in a tsunami and shook them up, and reading how they could possibly come out on top (or not? you never know…)

Character Profile

  • Name: Kaiden Zwelle – That’s his real name, its not a secret or code name.
  • Age: 42 – I didn’t want a sprightly young hero type as my protagonist, instead I wanted a bitter middle aged thief in the fading graces of his career.
  • Marital Status: Single – You’ll have to wait and find out why…
  • Specialist Skill: Unknown – Former acolyte of the Master of Tricksters, but after a life changing incident, he was taken under the wings of Master of Enforcers and Master of Burglars and now stands in the Guild council as Master of Shadows.
    So Kaiden’s got a nice mixture of sneaky skills… mwahahaha.

That hopefully gives you an idea as to who Kaiden Zwelle is… But there’s so much more…

‘Honour Among Thieves’ is currently on schedule for it’s Q4 2017 release.

Below is a ‘sneak peek’ preview of novel, digging a little into Kaiden’s character. Enjoy! 




Kaiden detested waking up early.

It was becoming more and more burdensome with each passing year.

In his twenties, he would stay up all night, the morning welcoming him with its gracious rays; normally over the rooftops of some fools’ home he had just happened to break into, invigorated by the morning breeze, brought to shore with the changing tide.

Refreshing. Empowering.

In his thirties, he had used the morning to blend among the throng of workers, their bustling and hustling to and fro offered perfect cover for slights of hand, or the distractions for the con game he would amuse himself with. The many number of aliases and faces he wore meant he never grew bored. There was a new game every week and a new purse or wallet to liberate from the dull minded fools who went about Rêves day in, day out to earn their paltry honest wage. The games had become more and more elaborate as the decade went on. More and more excessive schemes, bigger and bolder prizes; he still recounts the day he pulled off his greatest heist, stealing from a visiting Marquis from Aewyn, his most beautiful and sacred of treasures.

Alas, like all of his big plans and dreams, it too had ended in disaster.

Soon the thirties washed away and he stared at forty with a grizzled malcontent. It had passed some two years now and all Kaiden had to show for a glittering career in the guild was a few more lines around his eyes and the slow emergence of a few tell-tale grey hairs that suggested his best days were behind him.

He gazed into a shop window on his way, its glass offering a reflection in the early morning haze. His moustache was trimmed neat, his side burns pulling down his jaw line in the latest fashion, though being roused so early had left him with stubble in a more vagrant look he wasn’t so happy about. Examining his sideburns, he saw more and more his glory waning, the grey was settling in good and steadfast here.

All-father dammit. He thought.


Thanks for reading this excerpt.
Please keep up to date with my blogs and my upcoming novel ‘Honour Among Thieves’.

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