Happy Monday one and all!

Well what’s left of it.
I know I’m super late with post today but just look at this day!!!

I got distracted under the shade of a tree and Tom Lloyd’s ‘Stranger of Tempest’ its pretty good so far! 🙂

Anyway today’s motivation is about finding the time.
I found myself on a train going into ‘jolly old London Town’ today and… I hated it.
Apart from the fact I got some great reading done on the train and the actual job is great, the commute is pants!!! (And that’s british pants… American. Then it would be underwear.)

So much hustle and bustle and people stressing about… too much! Gotta find some time to find what makes you happy.
Hence why when I got off the train after I had finished work for the day I swiftly found a tree to distress under. And doesn’t matter what it is that you are struggling to do… There is time in your day, if you truly look for it.

10 or 15 minutes that could be won back during the day and turned into ‘you time’.

So what ever it is that you want… find that time for yourself this week. I promise it’ll be worth it.
I’ll be back Weds with some more words of wisdom.

Until Next Time… Keep out of Trouble (if you can)

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