Well…. Today has been pretty awful. Had a little prang in the car today and I’m not a happy bunny.

Still no need to pout… That’s life.

(You tell ’em Frank)

As for Friday feature…

Rêves… Jewel of the Durasian south coast.
Think of it as the Monte Carlo of this fantasy world.
Rich people live in the abject luxury that is afforded in peacetime on the continent.
However, its real power from the import and export of Duras’ from the colonies and around the other countries of the continent.
Rêves is affectively a city of two halves, the western and affluent districts and the eastern, destitute districts.

The Districts from West to East.
Brandywine – Famous as brewing district and origins of the Durasian liquor of the same name.
San Zia – Cultural centre of the city. Home to the university, plenty of theatres and ‘The shop with no name’.
Meregold – Main financial district, home to multiple banks, solicitors and established companies.
Western Docks – Attached to the Meregold and Hearthside districts. Its a little of both worlds. One the Meregold side its Marinas and private quays, and on hearthside its a functioning port for the passengers to the city.
Hearthside – The heart of the city. Meeting of rich and poor. Markets meld everyday life to a hub-bub of activity. The two major road networks meet here, pumping the lifeblood of the city to all other districts.
Meredith – A working mans’ district. While not affluent, it is far from some of the worst districts. Commuting to the markets of Hearthside or the factories of Arsenal District, it’s comprised of row after row of small boxy housing for lower middle classes.
Arsenal – Factories that fire the fuel of innovation and exportation. The factories work almost day and night, with a endless supply of poor downtrodden worker from the surrounding districts.
Coppertown – Crumbling housing, built on top of one another, under the smog of the factories of Arsenal district or shipping of Eastern docks. Here you find those who struggle on a daily basis to make enough to feed families and survive each day. Life is tough and many turn to crime; either legitimately through the thieves guild or rogue.
Eastern Docks – The heavy lifting district of the city. Cargo travelling in and out of Rêves is dragged through the large wharfs of the Eastern Docks. Labourers from Coppertown and Cheapside, keep the port turning day in day out, imports from the colonies and the continent feeding the rest of the city’s wants and needs.
Cheapside – Slums. The dregs of society find themselves falling to the bottom of its dirty, broken streets. Crime and poverty is the norm with the city watch barely entering here, unless heavily armed in large patrols. The geography of the land sinks into the district to leave it looking up at the lofty city  to the West.

Medina Island – Exclusive Island off the Western district shores. Connected to the districts of Brandywine, San Zia and Meregold by guarded bridges. It is the most wealthy district in Rêves.
Citadel Island – Connected to the mainland by a grand mechanical bridge, the Iron Bridge. The seat of power of the city, it holds the Augustine Palace at its peak, home to the Duke of Rêves and the city’s congress. It also houses the headquarters of the Duke’s Ravens; the eyes and ears of the Duke within the cities streets, and enemy of Thieves Guild.

And that’s the city. The world of ‘Honour Among Thieves’. I hope that it interested you. It comes to life on the pages of the book. Cannot wait for everybody to have a chance to explore it 🙂

Until next time… Stay out of Trouble (if you can)

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