Monday, Monday, Monday….


The unpopular friend of the weekend. Always coming in and spoiling everybody’s mood.
Why can’t you be more like your twin ‘Bank Holiday Monday’?
That Monday is awesome and knows how to party!
You boring normal Monday with you 9-5 routines….
Bad Monday!

Anyway I digress (a lot)

It is Monday and that means its time for another motivation to get you through the day.
This week i’m looking at the joy that is editing… Seeing as I’m up to my eyeballs in it!


When you finish the buzz that i writing and trawl through hours of rewrites and cutting all your hard work to pieces……..
But it’s super important and will make the writing a hundred times better! 🙂

Editing is like Monday… It spoils the fun after a fun weekend of writing and makes you do some real work.

But without it we would never make it to Friday and that glorious weekend once more!

So here’s to Monday is all its horrible forms!

What’s got your Monday in a glum? Are you stuck editing too? Or are you actually having a good Monday? (it must be bank holiday somewhere in world????)

Until Next Time… Keep out of Trouble (if you can)

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