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This week I’m carrying on from the excerpt from a few Friday’s ago around our notorious protagonist Kaiden Zwelle.
Please feel free to let me know what you thought! 🙂 Enjoy…



All-father dammit. He thought.

He was by no means unattractive, but the roguish good looks had declined, leaving behind a roughed edged man who offered the look of experience and possible wisdom.

I suppose this could work? 

He ran his gloved hands through his hair; dark and full of volume, slicking it back and out of his face. It was one miracle he thought, that he was not to suffer the indignity of many men his age, that the hair would come away with each combing, leaving behind an embarrassing isle of flesh visible through the fading locks on his head. At least the All-father had saved him this folly; if not from the fate of many other.

The guild summons had demanded immediate attendance by all the guild masters. Such a summons would only come in time of true need.
Kaiden could already guess to which the subject of discussion would be; succession.
Prince Ravi must have departed this world in the night.
Now the Thieves Guild would need to implant a new head of the order as quickly as possible to maintain the balance in Rêves.
Most of the guild knew of Prince Ravi’s condition. When you have suffered from the rot as long as the Prince had it becomes impossible to stem the tide of rumours and accusations. The discernible symptoms made themselves present by around the second or third month. The blackening of the veins as the rot’s poison circulated itself through the Prince’s body. It was a miracle he had lived for seven months; most who catch the rot perish after seven days.

Still, Prince Ravi had not missed a day’s work.
The army of medicine men, witch doctors and quacks had been drugging him, leeching him and attempting to ‘cure’ him of his symptoms night and day. Kaiden couldn’t help thinking the pain and suffering it must have caused him. Let alone the coinage it would have taken to keep them going. He must have spent over a hundred thousand gold crowns.
Why that alone could buy a man a minor peerage, a seat in the duke’s court, a fine mansion on Medina Island or anywhere in the Medina Bay area of Rêves for that matter and a pretty little wife to put in it!
Kaiden couldn’t help thinking what he would do in that position.
Maybe if he was younger he would have fought against the disease.
But now…
He couldn’t help thinking, that the small fortune, along with the discomfort and agony that came with the Prince’s attempt to hold on to this mortal world, was surely not worth the price or the effort.

Kaiden, who was still gazing wistfully into the shop’s window, afforded himself a wry and mischievous smile at the thought of it.


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