Hello Guild Rats,

Seems I’ve got myself 100 followers on ‘Honour Among Thieves’ facebook page!

While this might be a tiny achievement to some, when I consider where I started from its a really pleasant milestone. It got me thinking about why I’m writing this book, so therefore I thought I’d share those thoughts with you all tonight.


The reason I’m writing ‘Honour Among Thieves’ is  because I’ve always been that kid with the overactive imagination.
Now that I’ve grown up (a little maybe), I can constructively pursue ways to express these outbursts with others.
Its not so much about the pursuit of writing to make money, or even become a full time writer one day, (I rather like my day job, but I wouldn’t say no to writing career) instead I just want to be able to hold that finished paperback in my hands and know that the mad world within the pages is my own.
A crazy story full of all the things that I find interesting and makes me want to pick it up and read it even though I’ve written it and probably looked over those pages 100,000 times before.
And stories are built for telling… If they aren’t then what’s their purpose??

Even cave men must have sat around the fire and grunted stories of make belief, tall tales of daring adventure, romance and heroes!!!


And that’s it really.

Knowing that makes the early mornings before work or the midnight hours with eyes bleary worth it, because I’m adding another line into the history of man’s internal need to tell stories and to make the voices in my head quieter….. WAIT… Ignore that last part….

Until Next Time… Keep out of Trouble (if you can)

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