Hello Guild Rats,

Well we’re back to Monday… Joy of Joys.

Don’t know what it is exactly but seem to be in a right grumps at the moment.
Few things poking my grumpy nerve and got me wanting to join forces with this mean hearted bastard….

Still it’s not all that bad.

The books keeps me ticking along and I know I’ve got friends and family behind me, but you just get to a point when you want to flip a table and go HULK MODE AT THE WORLD AND JUST SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!

And then you breathe….. You take a moment to appreciate what you got, find yourself relaxing to a good book or movie and take solace in the fact your vacation is now less than a month away (ahhhhhhhhhh….. happy thoughts)
So for tonight at least the world finds a peaceful balance 🙂
Still editing, work deadlines and the scarily low amount of cash in my wallet means that all tables should be wary (Yeah I’m talking you… you stupid inanimate objects… You best watch your backs… or whatever you have instead of backs?????)

Either way, you’re screwed so might as well find some escapism while you can! hahaha

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (If you can…)

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