Hello Guild Rats,

Bleurgh…. is that the time?

Still stuck in work but it does allow me the ability to write this up from the comfort of my desk.
Wednesday… Half way to the weekend 🙂

If only the time might speed up….Speaking of that blatantly bad plug, this weeks writing Wednesday is all about finding time to write!

Not sure if I’ve done all this before… That’s the funny thing about time, I can’t keep up with it sometimes.

Therefore I find myself doing crazy things to make sure I get my writing and editing done.
The first of these crazy techniques is getting it done early in the morning.
Just like the gym, I find that sometimes, if I’m not getting up and getting some writing done alongside my wake up coffee then there’s a chance I might never get round to it.

Option number 2 – DRINK COFFEE!!!!!!
It is the elixir of the gods and marvellous wonders can be achieved under its influence.
(WARNING – horrendous side effect are guaranteed!)


But honestly I find the time like we all do for stuff we are passionate about. The day has 24 hours in it and that means there is plenty of time to find even 15 mins to write a paragraph or edit a few lines.

Life will always make things awkward… it would be boring otherwise. But when you have the opportunity to face it head on, it’s up to you whether you come out on top.


So if you want to write or play music or dance or anything… do it.
Don’t let life stop you.
Let it empower you!

I realise that this weeks’ Wednesday Writing has become a little like a Motivation Monday 2.0… but we all need extra motivation sometimes.

I’ll finish it on point with some writing stuff:


  • Like steampunk?
  • Like mystery and intrigue?
  • Like bad-ass thieves and stories that have you on edge of seat?????

Me too!

That’s why I’m trying to write one… But I could do with some help.
The Latest draft of ‘Honour Among Thieves’ is currently undergoing tests and I need people to read it and gimme feedback to improve it so that way it is as good as the questions above.

Think like that’s right up your street??

Then get in touch: m.j.hensonofficial@gmail.com or find me on facebook; https://www.facebook.com/TheMasterofShadowsSeries/


Until next time… Stay out of trouble (if you can??)


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