Hello Guild Rats,

Sorry this is a little late today but got stuck watching the Tennis. (Wimbledon… yay!)
And got me thinking about finding conviction to win.

Now I’m never going to be a tennis champion but I’m talking about novels. So far its been seven months of long hard effort to get to this point and still far off the end goal (Not too far I hope haha)

So why do I keep going?


I wanna win!

But how do you win against writing a book???

It not against the book per se… its against the journey.

Long hours alone, trying to cope with obsessing over your book, editing, formatting, marketing!!!!! ARGGGRGHRGHRGHHHH!!!


But knowing that you’re aiming for that paper copy in your hands, with your name, your title on the cover, your story upon its pages… That is the championship. The competition.

I’m finding that watching this tennis match I know that player has put in hours and hours of training and practice hours in and that’s exactly what i’m doing… And therefore if I keep writing, keeping training then one day I’ll reach my own Wimbledon… My own championship.

Until next time… Stay out of trouble (If you can)

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