Hello Guild Rats,

Its Wednesday and that means its time for some Wednesday Writing.

Today I’m writing about a part of the writing process that I’m heavily involved in through this current moment and that’s critiquing.

Critiquing (or its other title… Letting others rip the plot holes, character defects and boring sh#t from your story!)

Scary scary scary stuff…


Still it doesn’t have to be!

I have some great critique partners and BETA readers who are helping me right now (shout out to you all) And this helps myself grow, learn and ultimately get better…

Writing is an art, a skill and like all those other such things it needs practice.
To hone the craft and get better.

Therefore I need to reach out to others to help me get better, improve my writing so that way, when ‘HONOUR AMONG THIEVES’ comes out later this year, it will be the best possible book it can be.

It takes a step outside of the comfort zone, to receive that negative feedback to grow as a writer, not matter how insecure it might make you feel at first.
So if you are in the same boat… You’ve just finished that first draft! You’re on top of the world… then you read it back and edit it (dark dark times… haha) but you’ve fixed the problems and feel this is a decent story but how to polish it before shelling out costs on editors or production.
The writing community has been great since I’ve been interacting with it via social media. So go out, put yourself on the limb and take the plunge….
It will definitely be worth it.


Until Next time… Stay out of trouble (if you can)

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  1. I agree with you! Reaching out to others with your writing is important. I feel that my novel has improved greatly because of my beta reader. I even wrote a blog post about this one time.
    P.S. The writing community is amazing. : ) Great post!


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