Good morning Guild Rats,

Apologies for the disruption to usual scheduling, been a crazy week. (little brother’s stag do, holiday planning and moving house!) but trying to keep everything working to bring you content.


This week off the back of Wednesday Writing we caught up with main character Kaiden Zwelle for a quick interview.

Me: Hello,  nice to meet you Kaiden how are you doing? 

Kaiden: Not too bad, could be worse.

Me: So your fans would like to know more about you. What makes you tick? 

Kaiden: Well primarily I do what I want. You know… Take care of me self and the rest takes care of them. Of course,  a few good friends to spend a night with a good Cersian lager helps also.

Me: Growing up did you always want to join thieves guild? 

Kaiden: Growing up I didnt have a f**king choice. You joined or you starved.

Me: Wow so hard upbringing. But you’ve turned it in your favour. Now master of the Guild, on the Council as Master of Shadows, what exactly does master of Shadows mean? 

Kaiden: It means I’m shady as f**k. (Kaiden laughs) no but seriously my role is top secret… Covert like…

Me: errrr…. Right but the title was given to you by your friend and former prince, Ravi. Did his death effect you much? 

Kaiden: what a stupid bloody question… People die every day… Ravi was just another. Terrible way to go though…

Me: Final question, what can fans expect next from Kaiden Zwelle? 

Kaiden: Fans can expect nothing… I do what I want, when I want… If people find it interesting… So be it.

Me: Thank you for your time Kaiden. (shakes hand) See you soon. 

Kaiden: Not a chance mate (Kaiden leaves)

Me: oh bugger… He’s stolen my watch… “hey come back here!!!” 

Well that was today’s installment. I’ll be back on Monday with motivation Monday.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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