Good Evening Guild Rats,

This week in Wednesday Writing we met Niles Van der Haas, today we have him join us for a quick interview.

Me: Hello Niles, it’s nice to meet you.

Niles: Indeed. It’s fantastic to be given this opportunity to meet you and converse.

Me: Oh thank you. Well first things first, I heard you are a rather amazing scientist. What is your field of expertise?

Niles: My current field of study is electrical transference and conduction inhibition.

Me: Wow, so impressive stuff. And you studied this and other engineering skills under your grandfather at the prestigious Oppenstein Institute in Gosenburg, Ainzmärk.

Niles: Err… yes… but i’d rather not discuss it too much, if you don’t mind.

Me: Oh no problem. Well then lets change subject to your latest invention. How does it work?

Niles: AHHHHH… my personal security baton is a revolution in electrical protection devices. The first of its sort in the world. It work through a rather unique and interesting process You see the transference of current is controlled by the grounding pin held within the prime cylinder of the handle. Its flow is controlled by the conductor switch that in turn finishes the circuit and allows for its pulsation along the steel carbon frame, through the transmission properties of the gasses held within the hollow core. Then to recharge the device, a clock work polycyclic gear rotates around a magnetised wired core, enforcing the gravitational… I’m sorry I’m talking a lot huh? I hope I’m not boring you with technical jargon?

Me: (zzzzz….shudders awake) Huh?.. oh yes… very exciting stuff. But I suppose the thing our readers will want to know is why a shy young northern boy, from a wealthy background moved all the way across the continent to Rêves? 

Niles: Well, I was looking for my place in the world. I have a mission to use my inventions to change the continent for the better. I had heard of many problems within Rêves that such items could irrevocably fix, thereby making it a safer, better city and allowing my inventions to gain stature in a city of innovation and business. At least that was the plan…

Me: So you had no idea Kaiden was playing you from the start?

Niles: No, I hones… Wait… Kaiden is using me?

Me: Errr…. no absolutely not. Oh dear, seems we’ve ran out of time today. Thank you for help today, I must dash.


Me: (Running….)

Well that was today’s installment. I’ll be back on Wednesday to meet a new character in Wednesday Writings.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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