Hello Guild Rats,

Back for another round of character profiles.

This week sees us look at the books’ antagonist, Amadeus Teufel.

Amadeus Teufel


Amadeus is the Spymaster General of the Duke of Rêves and leader of his personal bodyguards; The Ravens.

Teufel has served in the Ravens from a very young age, a family tradition of his father and grandfather before him. He relishes perfection and order, the Thieves Guild therefore ruining his city and his Duke’s reputation to effectively rule. He seeks to bring them into line through his daring plot, unifying the city in complete submission and organisation.

Teufel loathes Kaiden, having made the man as a young officer fail his orders and look foolish to his superiors. Since that day a vendetta was born and since Teufel’s ascension to Spymaster a few months previously has seen vast efforts put in to tracking the elusive thief down to exact his revenge.

Character Profile

  • Name: Amadeus Teufel
  • Age: 29 – Very patriotic, very intelligent . He has a mean streak and doesn’t suffer fools. Has risen fast through the ranks through methodically removing opposition in front of him.
  • Height: 5ft 9in
  • Weight: 173lbs
  • Marital Status: Single – Doesn’t favour the lure of married life, instead is married to the job, though he finds other ways to meet his needs; predominately in the club ‘La Luna’ .
  • Specialist Skill: Superior Tactician – A life in the armed services, match with the guile and ruthless effectiveness of his information gathering from leading the Ravens has made Teufel into a fearful and worthy opponent for our protagonist, Kaiden Zwelle.


That hopefully gives you an idea as to who Niles Van der Haas is… But there’s so much more…

You’ll have to find out in ‘Honour Among Thieves’, released date Late Q4 2017.


Until Next time… Stay out of trouble (if you can)

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