Evening Guild Rats,

So some of you may know… if you follow me on my social media platforms;

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  • on Twitter – @mhensonofficial

Well, I mentioned that I have started writing the second book in the series!


YES! As ‘Honour Among Thieves’ hits all its editing goals and deadlines and looks set for Q4 2017 release, I’m already thinking about book two. (Yes I know I must mad!)

Well as I get to writing, I want to offer a little more out to people who have supported me so far.
Therefore, offering out a little interactive competition.


Below I’ll give a little bit of the synopsis for the new book, and all you have to vote for whichever one is your favourite. Simples 🙂

Book 2 Synopsis

Playground for the rich and famous. A veritable who’s who of the continent’s elite. 
It’s governor and creator, Lawrence Cain, is a genius scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose paradise is the pinnacle of modern technology and society. 

Yet behind the closed doors of Athos, all is not what it seems…

For Kaiden and Niles, the job of a lifetime will grant them access to this exclusive city but this will be anything but a vacation as they find themselves in the midst of a plot that could shake the continent to its very core. 
When their backs are against the wall, can the inventor and the thief put their differences aside and work together?
It’ll take all of Niles’ acumen and all of Kaiden’s cunning to make it out alive.

Book 2 of ‘The Master of Shadows Series’ – Coming 2018

Sound good?
If it does then maybe you can help me choose.
Below are four I’ve started to condense it down to, but welcome all your suggestions. Just leave me a comment below! 🙂

  1. DEN OF THIEVES – I like the idea of keeping a word that recurs in titles, like Joe Abercrombie and his Shattered Sea Trilogy. Also, ‘Den of Thieves’ felt like it depicted the city well as this elitist den.
  2. FIRST AMONG EQUALS – Again… I know. Repeating words. I dunno, I like kind of like it. ‘First Among Equals’ again goes back to Athos and the city’s elitist isolation and the two lads having to act above their stations throughout the story.
  3. PACK OF LIES – Something different! This works more on the Kaiden/Niles relationship. The nieve young inventor, now aware of Kaiden’s past, the can he/can’t he trust him conundrum that is present.
  4.  FOOL’S ERRAND – I like this one because it pays homage to a few details of the first book (which you’ll soon get to enjoy 😉 yay!) and represents the two MC’s well.

Well, that sums up this week’s writing Wednesday. I’ll go back to this next Wednesday and look at the two top picks and see if I can get them mocked up as book covers and go through the final few design processes.
I really enjoy trying to engage with other people as the literature community is a great bunch and I feel that we all have such respect for the craft and those involved, so shout out to all of you!

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)



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