Hello Guild Rats…

Well, Friday is finally upon us! Even with bank holiday, it’s been a long week!


But the weekend is in sight and it’s time for another Friday feature.

So I spoke on Wednesday Writing (Thursday.. I know) but I told you I’d let you know what the next few months have in stock for ‘Honour Among Thieves’ as we near the 31st December launch date.


Edits… Edits and an editor.
Looking for one at the moment that fits with my writing style/genre but also one that I can afford… curses why am I so poor :/


Final drafting/problem fixing. This will be producing a draft that will go in the final book.
In essence that will be it.. The final book….. eeek!


Formatting and setting up distribution channels.
I’m primarily looking at paperback and ebook versions of the book, though I know some people may want hardback, with the extra cost and formatting time, for now, it’s not viable. (May come back and produce HB’s at later date)


Promotions and ARC’s go out and the launch itself… Then I’ll be a published author… damn!


Straight into getting Book 2’s First draft ready by March Deadline….
Yup book two is just over 10,000 words done so far… Hoping to release for a summer 2018 launch of that…. I must be crazy hahaha 😀

So as you can see I’m going to be busy over next few months, however, I’m hoping to bring a load more content and blogs to keep everybody up to date with latest going ons.

I primarily use the books Facebook page to release news first so if you’re not on there then I’ll put a link below so you can. If not sign up to

If not sign up to my ‘Thieves Guild’ newsletter. I’m going to do one a month and it will have a lot more behind the scenes stuff and hoping to do a competition for free copies of the book! 🙂

images (1)

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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