Hello Guild  Rats,

I wrote on Wednesday about why I write and mentioned that everybody has a story in them.

As it’s Friday and this means it’s the fun day, then I want to share this meaning with you.

So for some Friday Feature Fun, I’ve come up with a fill in the blank game!


Below is a sample of the Opening chapter for ‘Honour Among Thieves’… but you will be the author…

I look forward to seeing some of the fun people have with the story 😉

Prince ________ knew ______ was dying.

Everyone knew it. It was only a matter of time. ________ had taken hold and once it had its ___________ on you, it did not let go lightly. The first signs had arrived _________ earlier, the loss of _________ and __________. Then came the __________, the __________ eyes, and the __________ loss. Finally, ______________ became present through the skin, like ______________. There was no cure. Most died within weeks; the fact that he had survived _____________ was a testament to how far _________________ had come and to the sheer stubbornness of a _________ unwilling to meet _________ end so easily. ________ would not allow something as pathetic as __________ to rob _____________ of ___________ mortality when ________ had lived through so much. _______________ attempts, ambushes and the plot of numerous ___________  looking to gain their filthy hands on ________ throne. ______ had paid for a score of ____________; watching him near day and night, observing for ______________ or _______________________. Prepared to enforce their ____________ knowledge upon each symptom, like _____________ sitting in the _______________, waiting to strike. 


Have some fun. (I cannot wait to see some of the responses)

Find your story.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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