Hello Guild Rats,

Sorry about being AFK on Wednesday… Seems life wants to throw me a bit of a curveball or two at the moment.

Trying to stay on top of things at work, plus this weekend is brother’s wedding and travelling all about has severely cut into writing time.
I’ve written only one day this week (Awful!)
I’ve missed a blog (D’oh!)

SO you’re probably wondering why I put myself through this all and I mentioned why I write a few weeks ago… But when the process is this hard, why do I try??

Well, it’s a learning process really.


(Dammit… And I thought I was done with school!)

Like most things in life, you’re not born amazing at something, you’ve got to go out there and earn it…

And that can only be done through hours at the keyboard (and sometimes away from it) frittering away the ideas from mind to Microsoft (or Macs).
But with the breadth of self-published material from authors out there, it’s no longer about writing a manuscript, slapping it up to Amazon and calling it a day!
Now it takes time….. Time editing, time promoting, time marketing, time formatting, time, time, time, time…. You get the idea…
It feels endless sometimes…
download (3)

But you do it because you love the work you’ve made; the story you have nurtured. From concept to cover art, from draft 1 to 100…
Its always been about the story.
You believe in it and you want to see it succeed.

So you get up early to write, you find the time in amongst the craziness that life throws at you. (I’m currently writing this from inside a hotel bathroom, while my son sleeps!)

Even when you feel tired and that it’s going nowhere, you keep going.Because at the end of the day… it would feel a lot wor

Because at the end of the day… it would feel a lot worse to give up, then give it another go…

You said it buddy!

So whatever you’ve been putting off… Whatever you were thinking about giving up on, please don’t!
Remember… Before you get to the happy ending, you gotta finish the quest!

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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