Evening Guild Rats,

Slightly late tonight…. work deadlines and such…
But I’m here now… Yet….

I feel as though I want to be somewhere else….

Travel!!!! Adventure!!!! Excitement!!!!

We all crave it, in different doses person to person.
Some seek the worlds beyond our imagination!!!!

On Wednesday, I spoke about whether a map in the book helps the reader or removes their own imagination from constructing the world unique to them.

Thanks to everybody who sent me a comment… Super Uber grateful 🙂

It got me thinking… if I could travel to a location in any of the books I’ve read where would I go?????

Well, it took me all of thirty seconds to choose….

If I had a chance to go to any location then it would be…..

Camorr of cause!!! 😀


Land of Locke Lamora and the city of thieves that inspired my writing journey!!

Why Camorr… Well, Scott Lynch paints such a vivid city, the sights and smells and senses of the canals cutting through the city to the sheer majesty of the elderglass at sundown.


Breathtaking…. 🙂

And as we are talking about maps this week, I couldn’t help but add a map found on a fansite for Scott Lynch and his amazing work.


So there you have my choice…

Now I hand the keys over to you!!!!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go… and why????

The city of Rêves will be open to explore soon… December 31st 2017! ; )

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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