Evening Guild Rats,

I’m sorry I missed Weds Writing, its freshers week at University and us staff are working flat-out through this week.

However, behind the scenes with ‘Honour Among Thieves’, stuff is happening and pushing the adventure along.

Speaking of the adventure…

I know a few other people who read this may be trying to write a book themselves, perhaps you’ve already written one, or two or three….

So how do you keep going as the workload piles up and life starts getting crazy??

Here’s some of my ideas to keep you going whether you’re writing a book or facing challenges in your own adventures.

  1. Have a clear Goal – What do you want to achieve? Are you after success? Do you want to be rich, famous, and powerful??? (You’re starting to sound like a super villain… you might want to be careful!)
    Whatever you are trying to do, think about the ending. Like with a story, if you plan out the plot then it’s going to need an ending or else you can lose sight of what you want to achieve.


2. Set small wins – Cool so you’ve got the goal set, but how to keep motivated as you start. If you think of it as a mountain, your goal is the peak. But it might be a long way away, away, away, away, away……….. So try to find ways to achieve smaller goals as you go.
In writing it might be weekly word counts, or you like in the gym, you up the weights little by little as you work towards your desired max rep. Find your small win and make sure its achievable and set a deadline to achieve it in.

3. Reward yourself – Rewards…… Basically if you like me then cake can be a great motivator!…… mmmmmm….. cake….. errrrr….. sorry I got distracted. But when you do hit small wins, then make sure you are rewarding yourself. Find something that intrinsically motivates you and hold onto it. Save it for that win and savour it for all the hard work and stress you put in.

images (2)

4. Hold yourself accountable – THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE A HERO!!!!!! By this I mean when you set yourself a deadline to achieve a small win, you stick to it. And if you can’t then the only person you’re letting down is yourself.
It’s your dream… Nobody else is going to achieve it for you.

5. Keep good friends and family close – Friends are friends for a reason and family is meant to be there for each other. If you’ve got a good support network, you are much more likely to succeed. If you are lucky enough to have a friends, family or a partner (like me… Thanks to you all for your help, you mean the world to me) who believes in you, then reach out to them. Spend time with them. Let them help you when you need it. Just like I said above… Don’t be a hero!


6. NEVER GIVE UP – If you are reading this and you’ve got that manuscript, that target, that goal of yours, maybe it’s gathering dust, maybe you put it aside hoping to pick up again later….
Go back and grab it!
Go out there and seize it!
Go fight for it, try for it, give up blood, sweat and tears for it!!!
As you look back on your life… We never regret the things we did do as much as the lost opportunity to these things we didn’t do.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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