Evening Guild Rats,

Busy busy busy… as per usual, but excited at the prospect for some serious writing this weekend… goodbye social life ;P

But this makes for so much potential and this bring me on to today’s subject…

Stopping what you’re doing, and finding some time to write…


Now can I firstly say, to my friends and family that I love spending time with you all and this is not a dig at all… It’s just that being a writer is a solo task.
Sure, having that support network is crucial, however, it takes time to find the influences, the inspiration and in my case… the madness in which to shape into a book, and most of the time this is easier to achieve when others aren’t around.
(I have conversations with my characters, and talk scenes out aloud, so I must look insane!)

Therefore finding moments throughout the day when you have time to yourself, to sit down, get comfy and open up a laptop and write can be difficult.
There’s just so many distractions and as a populace we have so much to distract us…
(Honestly if there was an Olympics for procrastination I would win gold for GB!)
We also push ourselves in our day to day lives, overworking, family commitments and the inevitable chaos of managing workloads.


So for me at the moment it’s difficult. When I was writing the first draft for ‘Honour Among Thieves’ I had a little more of a routine, but with life being the ever changing, fast flowing river that it is I’m current riding the rapids, catching in my writing time as and when I can, until the waters calm and my routine can once again find me sailing smoothly.
It’s not about having time… it’s about making time.
So whatever you are trying to do in your life…


Find the time for it.

Enjoy your time with it.

Share your time with others and fill it with what makes you happy. 🙂


We have so few precious minutes on this crazy, messed up piece of rock we call Earth…
Shouldn’t we try to make the most of what we got, rather than simply wishing for more.

I hope you can find the time to share this blog or like it so that way others might be inspired by it. 🙂



Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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