Evening Guild Rats,

Another Friday night has come around and the weekend is here! (Finally!!!!)

But this means for a writer its chance to get back to the writing block after a week of stressing about at work then stressing at not writing at home after collapsing in a heap…

Such a vicious cycle…

But I do however have a system to conquer this. So today I thought I’d discuss my writing process. This is partly thanks to Kristen Martin’s advice on her YouTube channel. Go check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyy_hiZRaSLGLOn62Nc4AA

1. The idea – I get random ideas all the time but the vast majority of my idea time comes from my commutes. To and fro I sit in the car and talk out ideas to myself. Usually with character voices or basic development stemming from these early ideas.

2. Note taking – I go through a serious amount of note drafting for my first plot. Sketching the mad ramblings from car to canvas. Or in this case notepad. This is a broad out line and gives me a skeleton to work with.

Businessman Buried in Paperwork --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

3. First draft – now I have the skeleton, it’s time to start adding meat to it’s bones. Now as I write I use the notes as my guide but I won’t hold them religiously, but allow myself to be taken on the journey itself. I might find my notes telling one story but a quick detour as I write will soon have me exploring all the notes Thrace to offer.

4. Editing – editing…. so much editing…. revising the story to make sense and is also readable is a uphill battle. Especially when life gets in the way, but is super necessary.

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?

5. Marketing and promo – social media, blogs and connecting with fans and other authors.

And that’s it really…

I try my best to make time for my book, my books promotion, everything really… it’s a crazy mess at times. But I’m loving the book journey and would have it no other way! 😂😁📚

until next time… try to keep out of trouble. If you can…

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