Friday is here and it’s time for a new character interview!


This week we meet up with Kaiden’s former partner in crime and apprentice now turned Master of Secrets: Rosetta Fentris.



Me: Good Afternoon Rosetta, how are you?

Rosetta: Good darling, thank you for asking. And you?

Me: Errr…. I’m good, thank you. Now in ‘Honour Among Thieves’ you are a Master of the Thieves’ Guild, how did you become a Master? 

Rosetta: A good question. But surely the real question is ‘why did you make me a master?

Me: Oh… I… Well, you were a strong character, focussed and head strong so it made sense that you would have risen in the ranks. But you know I’m suppose to be doing the interview right? 

Rosetta: Of course, of course. Apologies, its just my natural curiosity.

Me: Indeed and this curiosity would have grown when you met Kaiden Zwelle?

Rosetta: Indeed. Meeting Kaiden changed my life. It set me on this path. Though I do find it equally as interesting as to why you choose to tell the story this way?

Me: errrr… Well I suppose… Hey! You’re doing it again. Asking me questions. (cough) Getting back to this interview. Now as Master of Secrets I assume you are very talented in the arts of deception and espionage, do you find it hard to develop relationships with friends or… potential paramours?

Rosetta: Hmmmm… Such another well thought out question. Tell me, do you ask because of your obsession with me? You do offer a great deal of detail describing me in the book? I’m obviously flattered, but to think me hard to develop relationships… are you hiding something some meaning here?

Me: What? No… stop it! I’m asking the questions and that has nothing to do with anything. I simply meant that being a Master thief must be difficult to have a proper family like with a normal 9-5 job. Even more so when your job within the Guild is to seek out secrets that would harm it or ones it could use

Rosetta: Absolutely. So many secrets… much like your secret.

Me: …… secret?

Rosetta: (Inaudible whispers)……. is that not true?

Me: That’s it! Interview over…….!!!!


That’s all for this week Guild Rats.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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