Evening Guild Rats,

Another Friday night… finally 🙂

And this week has been exciting for lots of good reasons, its also been sucky for lots of others.

But one thing that has been successful is my latest social media campaign through instagram!

Some of you who follow my instagram will have seen my Author journey fragments, and these have covered a variety of the steps we go through as writers (some of you might go through these yourself???) and hopefully it was a nice insight into a writers creativity (or madness depending on your point of view hahaha)

if you haven’t seen it yet then head over to my profile,



(yes I know twitter name is wrong… i’ve changed it since…..)

Some of the things and tips I talk about over the 12 fragments are:

  • Author’s inspiration
  • Writing the first draft
  • Finding a writing voice
  • Influences
  • Staying focused
  • The learning process
  • Editing
  • Creating an author’s platform
  • Looking to the future
  • Finding the right editor
  • Dealing with critism
  • What next…?

Hopefully, there’s a little bit of insight as well as some help and tips that you can use yourself if you thinking about starting your own writing journey or whether you currently already involved.

Go check it out as well as well as some of my other social media accounts.



Over the next few weeks, I have some new promotions coming up so do follow me on one of the platforms to keep up with everything going on!!! 😀


Until next time keep out of trouble… if you can


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