Evening Guild Rats,

Ah, Friday… Gateway to the weekend 🙂

This weeks blog was inspired by an author + blogger I’m following called Sam.
Please go and check out her blog here:


She’s also on Instagram – @samanthahouse.

So today I’ll be giving an honest update of where I am on my writing journey, how ‘Honour Among Thieves’ is going and what next.


So here goes…

First up is ‘Honour Among Thieves’ and the honest update is it’s behind schedule…

Unfortunately, due to some issues/stresses with work in Sept and Oct I put zero editing time into the book and as such me and my editor are about two months behind. However, Mal (editor – https://everidgeediting.wordpress.com/) is working tirelessly along with myself to iron out all little errors and all the little bits of grammar that can ruin the reading experience for a reader.

So I have decided that even though this is my first book and ten years from now when I’ve hopefully written a bunch more, I will look back and see the progress I’ve made in writing quality and laugh. But for now… It’s my only book. This may make or break a writing career and I owe it to myself to put in 150% into ‘Honour Among Thieves’, to make it the best I can right now and find the patience and belief that it can stand among the works of other great authors!….

Otherwise what the hell am I doing this all for????

Second is the website.
Now I haven’t been overly happy with the website so I’ve been updating and moving some bits and pieces about with it (Hopefully you might notice the change?)
I’m hoping it will give off the professional and well-cared for tones that I want to show in my writing.

Finally, I want to get some of my writing out there.
Now I tried to do Nanowrimo this year but was woefully ill-prepared and it last about a week (oh no!)
So because of this I looked at how I can get more presence in my writing out there and have put more efforts into my social media and writing schedule 🙂
Treating my writing as a second job/career outlet instead of a hobby, I’m pursuing a renewed vigour in the outcomes and my ability to meet my own deadlines.

Therefore I will be starting off my Marketing for ‘Honour Among Thieves’ properly on December 1st where I will be giving away the first chapter,


to all email subscribers 🙂

If you would like to get ahead of the game and subscribe now and receive your copy on December 1st then please feel free to.

Well, thats it really.

As the below picture states… I may not be exactly where I want to be yet, but I’m still working towards it and I’m never giving up.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

where i wanna



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