Evening Guild Rats,

So it’s Friday and it’s officially time to get christmassy!

I know some of you are trying to avoid it and others welcome it but it’s coming whether you like it or not…


Having to spend hours with family you either detest or they smell. The stress that everywhere is now overpriced and overpacked with people. The constant gut-wrenching uncertainty about whether you’d rather spend Christmas alone in a wood cabin (like the cute one in that Wham song that you’ve already heard 101 times today…) with an inexhaustible supply of coffee, food, and books…………….

But you can’t, so suck it up! : D

So in the spirit of this time of year, I’m here to talk about the most important part…



Below is a list of the 5 books I have on my Christmas wish list and wondered if anybody has already read them/has them on their wish lists too! 🙂

  1. Kings of the Wyld – Nicholas Eames
    Seen this book getting rave reviews recently and just seems filled with the general fantasy badass-ness that no holiday season should be without.
  2. Sins of Empire – Brian McCellan
    So I read the Powder Mage trilogy and loved it!!! And with the second book looming for release in March 2018, it seems like Christmas would be the perfect time to get stuck into this series.
  3. The Hanging Tree – Ben Aaronovitch 
    I love the Peter Grant and the Folly stories. I still remember when my sister first told me to read Rivers of London. I picked up the book and if I’m perfectly honest wasn’t blown away by back cover blurb but holy cow I was captivated. I think I binge read the first three over a month!! (I’m a super slow reader so that’s a feat worthy of the next image!)
    download (7)
  4. Phasma – Delilah S. Dawson
    So I am a huge Star Wars fan. (Obviously…) And in the Force Awakens, one character who didn’t get enough screen time was this uber awesome chick in a shiny chrome suit! Now a backstory has been written and her character ready to be brought to life. Excited
  5. The Thief who pulled on Trouble’s braids – Michael McClung
    In recent weeks/months, I’ve been following SPFBO (Self published Fantasy Blog-Off) and this came up as the winner back in the first year it was done in 2015. It sounds such an interesting book, short but action-packed and with lots of the fantasy elements I enjoy. Also, it’s from a self-published author so as you can imagine that adds to the intrigued. Excited to get stuck into this series in 2018.

So there you have it!

My list is complete. Do you agree with any on here? Have I missed a complete corker of a book off the list?? What’s on your list???

Hit me up in the comments as I’d love to hear what’s got other readers excited for a bookish Christmas 🙂

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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