Evening Guild Rats,

Another Friday has come by and we find ourselves already halfway through January!!

So we are a few weeks into January and got me wondering how our new year goals are going??

Did you make any resolutions?

If so then how are they doing?

If you have made some and they are still going then don’t stop! You can do it! Believe in yourself!


As for myself, I have made three goals for 2018… three simple goals!

“How am I doing?” you ask…


  • Honour Among Thieves – Seeking Representation through Agents.

So…. First rejection…. Yeah, that’s humbling haha When I got the first email saying no, it put me into a bit of a deflated mode but I didn’t let it totally knock me. I’d prepared myself for this and had it to be expected… Still got more agents awaiting responses and you know if agent wasn’t right for you then they just aren’t right. Like a partner, you gotta make sure they are the one for you! You wouldn’t just pluck anybody off the street and put ring on it! (I hope??? Hahaha)

Currently the count for agents stands like this.
Number of Agents I have submitted work to: 6
Number of Agents who have responded: 2
Current number of Acceptances/Rejections: 0/2

  • Reading Goal – Goodreads 20 books through 2018!

I know that some people will say this is tame but last year I read around 15 books last year and this year I figured that to better become a writer then it would help if I read more and most importantly read more different types of literature. I know I lean heavily on the sci fi/fantasy genre but hey… I likes what I like hahaha : D

  • Finish the first draft of new novel – New novel! New possibilities

So while H.A.T is waiting for representation from agents, I’ve started a new project! Not only that, but it is good to keep writing and trying to write something new. I’m keeping a lot of the details secret from you for now (mwahahaha) but that’s because I don’t know what I’m going to do with this manuscript??? I might never use or pursue getting it published, so therefore it might just be an opportunity to practice my writing.

But as for it’s progress and trying to get it written in 12 weeks, I’ve set myself a 10K word target for writing each week. (Ambitious I know…) Current effort this week: 6763. (opps a little behind it seems)

Well that’s my current writing goals, I hope whatever your goals are that they are going well.

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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