Evening Guild Rats,

So been busy writing new project and waiting to hear back from agents for ‘Honour Among Thieves’….

All exciting stuff… but made me think the other day, just on a random tangent. (Oh one of many I seem to have every day) What would I do right now if I wasn’t writing?


I’m really not sure?????


Then this tangent turned into a different tangent (as tangents do….)

What other creative skill would I want to have if it wasn’t a love of writing?



I got it… I would want to be able to do art! : D


Now to me, I see art as a super power! I mean I found these four pictures after five minutes searching the internet and just look! The fish, the woman, the eyes on that cat or the night sky! They seem so alive and vibrant!!!!!

I wish I could draw or paint but I fear I have no talent for art… 0% progression in this skill bar (high five for all you geek who got that ;P )


Now if I’m being perfectly honest, I would use this super power to draw manga…. Just saying hahaha but OMG if I could write a manga…..(one day!)
But yeah if I could draw it would be so I could make a manga!

(Look at how cool these are!….. Jealous!)

So there you have today’s ramblings : D

What creative skill would you want? What would you do with it? If you have one of these skills… what’s stopping you sharing your super power with the world?!


That’s all for today. If you want a FREE FIRST CHAMPTER SAMPLE of ‘Honour Among Thieves’ then subscribe to my page or newsletter and I’ll send it over with a big old thank you 🙂


  • Honour Among Thieves Agents Submissions – 0/6 (2 rejections)
  • “Secret New Project” 12 Week First Draft goal – 16,664 words
  • Goodreads Reading Goal – 3/20


Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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