Evening Guild Rats!

Friday Friday!

Got some good plans for the weekend? I hope you do! 🙂

I’m off to see my son so I’ll be acting like a big kid 😀

But the big talking point recently has been the snow around the UK, which sent us brits into a big old stir!
Simply put we can’t handle the snow hahaha

It did, however offer some great time to work on the book, while Drinking a ton of coffee!!!


Coffee is a BIG part of my personality (like 95%!) and because of that I found that I’ve been trying lots of new blends!!!

So super random but this week I’m rating the coffee in my life! HAHAHA 😀

I’ll be judging it on flavour, intensity and smell and everything is out of 10.

Carte Noire


Intensity 8

A decent coffee. Full of flavour and with one hell of a punch! “Want to start your day off right… get Noire’d!”

Tesco Italian



Flavour – 6
Intensity – 7
Smell – 6

Meh…. Its and ok coffee. I bought this because I’m having to look after the pennies this month. It didn’t hit me with the buzz as the Carte Noire does but for a cup of coffee to curl up and read a good book to then it was ok…



Flavour – 6
Intensity – 9
Smell – 7

This coffee sure packs a punch! While its roast is nowhere near as elegant as Carte Noire, what it lacks in taste it makes up for with intensity! Wakes me up most mornings in work!


There you have it!

3 coffees rated. My favourite is obviously the Carte Noire, but it is damn expensive so its a treat for sure.

What’s your favourite coffee?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have an amazing weekend and I will speak to you next on 23rd March.


  • Honour Among Thieves Agents Submissions – 0/10 (4 rejections)
  • “Secret New Project” 12 Week First Draft goal (Deadline: 01/04/18) – 71,258 words
  • Goodreads Reading Goal – 7/20


Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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