Evening Guild Rats,


Is it just me or is this year already flying by before our very eyes!!!!


It’s already APRIL and my submission/editing deadlines which back in January looked like decades away have now come up at an alarming pace!

And of course the last few weeks before the deadlines have been busy as you can imagine!
Been travelling around a lot as well…. Wales, Devon, Norfolk, Surrey… in the past two weeks I’ve put better part of 1200 miles under my belt!!! Been spending so much time in car I might as well fuse with it and become a transformer!!


It’s made finding time to edit difficult, (though a new side project hasn’t helped either!!! haha)

Still, I found the last evenings to dedicate to completing the last of my edits and send the drafts over to my editor for proof reading and line edits…. The end is in sight!!!

Once they come back then it’s down to formatting and marketing before the release later in the year.

It’s saddened me a little that the submission process found no agents to pick up ‘Honour Among Thieves’ but this has led me to have to a great experience in learning how the publishing industry works and the process of bringing a book from concept to page and finally print. I’m a lot… wiser, lets say now then I was when I first started.

‘Honour Among Thieves’ will be self published and that’s not a bad thing as it gives me full creative control and allows me to work on new ideas… new challenges and new possibilities.

But the right road is rarely the path of least resistance and the journey has only just begun!



  • Honour Among Thieves Agents Submissions – 0 (Process ended)
  • “Secret New Project” 12 Week First Draft goal – COMPLETED
  • Goodreads Reading Goal – 9/20


Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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