Evening Guild Rats,


It’s busy busy busy at the moment.

Work is pretty full on, the Easter holidays have been a nice break, while we plan ahead for a busy May, there’s been a plenty of stuff to get on with.

So the big thing recently was that I was able to go up to the East midlands and to Leicester University to attend the Self publishing Conference, run in partnership with the Book Guild and Troubadour Publishing. (28th April)




It was amazing!

Met some great people, listened to some really interesting workshops/speakers and came away with a real fire for what I’m doing.

If you have a chance to do a conference or festival or fair in your area of interest then I highly advocate this, it will keep you going and reinforce a lot of those positive feelings that got you into your area of interest!
(If you like books then go to a literary festival, if you like films go to a indie film festival, like cars then go to a track day or a car show, if you like geeky stuff then try a comic-con, if you’re into art then try a gallery showing or art exhibition, you get what I mean 😀 )

I’m really glad I made the trip as well as I was able to stop by my brother’s on the way home and have a great catch up with him and his wife. All in all a great day.

And days like that give you the resilience to get through the slog of writing sometimes. It can be tough to sit there as it is quite a solitary activity and. sometimes you will need a boost.

Spending the day talking to others who are passionate about the same or similar thing to me… well it capped off a pretty awesome April off nicely!

So go give your pastime, your passion a quick google and see if there’s any events running near you or one’s you don’t mind driving to (Leicester was a 2 1/2 hour drive for me!) and see if you could do with a day out surrounded by awesome people like you!!! : )

Trust me, it will be totally worth it!

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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