Evening Guild Rats,


Ah Friday, Friday…

Firstly can I say sorry for not posting last Friday. Totally got me weeks mixed up and now it’s all gone squiffy haha

Oh the life of a forgetful writer.

See the problem is I get distracted way too eas………………………………………………………

But enough about how bad I am, instead onto something exciting!

This week, my friends and I recorded the first episode in a new project for me. A different form of story-telling and passion of mine that I’ve wanted to do for a while and well the opportunity came up and I took it.


You may have seen on the website for a while now, RWBY Dark Genesis, this page is dedicated to a podcast RPG that we are playing/telling within RoosterTeeth’s world of RWBY. I’m super excited about it and it offers me a chance to try out and bring to people another form of storytelling. A form that… lets face it, has a weird relationship with people.

When most people think of rolepaying games, they think of nerdy kids playing dungeons and dragons, (and they would be right for a majority of that bias… BTW I love playing D&D, so suck it haha)


But it’s more than that.

Roleplaying games or RPG’s are narrative device that brings a group of people together to experience a collective fantasy (of Sci-Fi, or any other genre, but you get what I mean).
Though most think of D&D and the 80’s, if you break it down, RPG’s take the narrative and story telling forums that are centuries old. Telling stories across a fireplace. Stories of heroes, of great evils and foes that normal men and women could not possibly defeat, to do things that were impossible. Magic and feats of amazing daring! Quests that save kingdoms and become legends.


Humans have told stories for thousands of years… and whether you absorb yours through reading novels or watching movies, or when you binge watch that tv series that everybody is talking about? (yeah…) Hell even watching reality tv is a form of story telling in a very bare bones way! You watch the lives of the characters on the screen? Even social media can be conduced to be seen as the new generation of story telling? We observe people lives through tracking their photos on instagram or their short snippets on Twitter, through these they go on adventures, endure hardships and overcome difficulties.

And not only that… it gives me an amazing excuse to tell stories with my friends and of this I am truly grateful! To share my passion for story telling with those who want to come along on the madcap adventure in my head and even effect what happens!! So much of what comes from RPG’s is the group telling the story together, while the DM/GM acts as narrator for the group. So many times I am surprised to see the wonderful and powerful stories my friends can make when we all buy into this experience!


Anyway, ramble over! haha

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 1 will go live on iTunes and Youtube on Tuesday June 12th and a new episode will be released every Tuesday at 6pm GMT.

Check it out and let me know what you think? 😀

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)








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