Evening Guild Rats,


Friday! Ah glorious end of a rotten work week!… Yes, it’s been awful. (Even with Bank Holiday)

But  thankfully I’ve had a couple of days with my son camping (in this damn awful British weather! Hooray! ahaha) And it’s got me feeling warm and fuzzy!

Made me think… “Why the bloody hell am I getting up at 530am every morning, doing an hours writing before going to the gym, doing about 30/45 minute worth of exercise before I go do 8 hour job and then finish the day with 2/3 hours worth of podcast prep and editing before I get home at 8ish?????????????


Then it hits me when I spend days like this.

When I actively seek doing what I love doing, so I can provide for my family and keep grinding so that one day I might make something more from doing what I love?

What sort of role model gives up on their dream? Not a good one I tell you that!!

Not just this but I’m only 28….

Fingers crossed, I’ve got a decent amount of years left. And I want to spend them doing stuff I enjoy! Spending time with people that are important to me! 😀

I look back on the stuff I’ve done in the last few years. Moving, life, university…

Hell even looking back on the last year alone!

I look back at where I’ve been because it helps me focus on where I’m going.

I might not be at the finish line by tomorrow, hell I might not make it there at all, but I’m gonna try!

I’m gonna keep grafting, and working and sweating and laughing and loving and keep going until I can’t go no more.

And then I dust myself off and start trying some more hahaha

Work In Progress Concept

If you have a dream then go for it.
I’m going to try for mine. I wish you all the strength in the world to achieve yours. 😀

If you want, put what the goal you are working towards in the comments below, share and empower!
What are you working on?

What makes you get up in the morning? (Hint: I drink a looooooooooooot of coffee haha)

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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