Evening Guild Rats,


Another Friday and what a summer we’ve been having! So nice and Sunny and soon to end… Shame.

But where one sun sets, another rises and this one could be yours!!!


Well, I’ll tell you! 😀

Are you a creative person looking for a chance to branch out to other people? Maybe you have a business or blog you wanna talk about? Artists, musicians, authors, anything!

I want to share your passion with as many people as possible. I’m not saying a share for share type thing, (though if you did want to swap a guest blog for blog that’s cool), I’m talking about an opportunity.

If you can tell my I should promote your idea then I’ll happily make it happen!

I’m offering up all my Fridays during August. That’s 5 opportunities!!! 😀


No catch, just trying to do the right thing and celebrate what makes you, you!

If you’re interested and want a spot then just hit me up with:

  1. What you want to talk about?
  2. Why the subject means so much to you/makes you happy?

It’s that simple. 😀

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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