Evening guild Rats,


I hope everybody is having an amazing week!

Some of you have reached out already and got in touch with regards to kindle launch.
Can I just say a huge big thank you to you guys. Your words of encouragement mean a lot!

For those of you who have asked if there is going to be a paperback version….


It will be launching on

28/09/18 or 09/28/18 (Depending where in the world you are)

To coincide with this I have a BIIIIIIG announcement and that’s to say that I will be attending my first author event!

On Saturday 29th September, I will be live at:


Yes, I will have my very own author table at Meanwhile… Chichester Comic Con!

I’ll have some awesome launch goodies, a chance to win FREE copies of Honour Among Thieves, other competitions and of course, signing copies of the new book!

If you live nearby or know people who do then please share the love.

For extra bonus, there is current 20% off tickets if you book online!!!


I’m super excited!

I hope to meet lots of amazing people and maybe even you! 😀

Remember you can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram! See here->>>>>>

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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