Evening Guild Rats,


I wanted to bring you a fun, fresh and interesting blog but frankly… This week has killed me.

Work has gone from a nice easy and manageable pace and now, with the new academic term in sight decided to sh*t on me.


But in some respects it allows me to sit back and respect and appreciate the important things in my life.



Things I enjoy: American football, books, country music…

I could go on.

Really I guess it’s the key to life really???

Why am I getting out of bed everyday and dragging myself to work then spending an hour or two every night to write, while juggling: family life, friends life, love life, work life, book life…… argh skudsnw874b348634b23ri.x’;s’;#al,z2.3%$$^$cdwej312…………………….

Spinning Plates - iStock

You see, I don’t want to let anybody down and I don’t want to let myself down.
I want to take every opportunity but I’m scared to make a mistake, when mistakes should be there to guide my learning.
I should reach for the stars but I’m cautious of falling short.
I want to spend as much time with those important with me but I need to meet obligations to live like work and bills.
How can I meet those expectations and not let somebody down at some point….

So really I need to say to anybody reading this, please read on for just a minute more.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of this page, turn off the noise around you. Stop flicking through social media, stop wasting the time on the unfocussed and give yourself the time to live.

Take a second to tell somebody that you appreciate them and what they bring to your life is invaluable.

Steal a moment to look the person you love in the eyes and fall in love with them all over again.

Regain that freedom to make mistakes in pursuit of your dreams and happiness. The only real failure comes from giving up on them.

Take a deep breathe of belief and find the focus in your mind to believe in yourself. you are awesome and there is nobody in this world who can do what you do: Being you.

That’s it. I’m done. I won’t say no more.

It’s Friday. The weekend is here and it’s time to switch the brain off and enjoy myself 🙂


Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)


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