Evening Guild Rats,


Well, I’m officially a northerner, (though I’m sure northerners will say otherwise), time to buy a flat cap and say “ee by gum” and all that jazz.

Orrrrr… I could act totally normal because Nottingham is just that. It’s fun and exciting here and the move and work have gone really well.

I’m super grateful to my friends and family that helped me get up here and now it feels second nature.


Looking forward to getting back to writing though… been a little crazy settling in so that  haven’t been able (or too lazy haha) to find the time in which to write.

Currently editing my latest WIP in the hopes it might be ready to submit to agents in the spring! (Eeeek…) Then at some point in 2019 I will want to write Book Two in the Master of Shadow Series, First Among Equals (working Title), for hopes to publish in 2020.

Phew… it’s all go but I’m happy and let’s face it as that’s all we really can hope for in this crazy mixed up world! 🙂

11e5505b08be9b75ae0fea982f48bf6e(PS if you get this joke then you are extra awesome 😀 )

Until next time… Keep out of trouble (if you can)

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