Review Space!

A completely new segment I’m running this year that will run alongside my Friday Feature blogs.

Each week I’m reviewing a new book and I decided to start with the one that really got me back into reading and that’s: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.


This book follows the main character Locke and the other cast of a hidden order of thieves known as The Gentlemen Bastards. Trained for many years under the watchful eyes of their master, they serve as one of the many thieving factions that all bend the knee to the Capa Barsavi, the King of Thieves so to say.

All is going well until Locke gains the attention of the Capa as the perfect husband for his daughter, while in the shadows a new and deadly secret enemy is looking to turn the streets of Carmoor red in blood!

Super exciting.
Powerful plot.
And a fantasy world so beautiful that your imagination will stop talking to you for a month when it’s forced to return to the dullness of everyday life.
week 1
I gave it… not 5 stars but 5 Gold Doubloons! (Yes, I’m using a pirate rating system, you love it) 5/5 for Lies of Locke Lamora and I will be back soon with another book to review soon!

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