Review Space!

A completely new segment I’m running this year that will run alongside my Friday Feature blogs.

Each week I’m reviewing a new book and as something a little different, I’m including some of my favourite Manga. This week, we take a look at Bleach by Tite Kubo.


Forget Casper the friendly ghost!

Bad spirits, known as HOLLOWS, are big, terrifying monstrosities that want to eat you. Only thing is they are twisted manifestations of dead people’s souls! But how are you supposed to exorcise a big ass, angry monster and send it peacefully off into the afterlife???


With a huge sword, of course!

Our hero, Ichigo Kurosaki can see ghosts. A special ability that he’s had a loooooong time. And while annoying it’s never caused him any grief. that is until the local ghost girl is terrorised by a Hollow and the SOUL SOCIETY (A mix between Heaven and Limbo) sends an agent, known as a SOUL REAPER, to deal with the Hollow.

Long story short, Ichigo ends up accidentally absorbing the Soul Reaper’s powers and fighting off the big beasty!
With the Soul Reaper, Rukia, left without powers, she’s forced to help Ichigo step up to the role as “Temporary Soul Reaper” and fight off a horde of demons in her place.

Bleach has a little bit of everything and the best of most, with more action than a Micheal Bay film, comedy, drama, a little slice of life and a BIG (seriously…) cast of lovable and dislikable characters, Bleach is solid edition to anyone starting out with Manga and wanting action that makes you think as well as laugh.

week 2


Finishing Quote:
Bleach will leave you feeling far from Hollow, when it comes to enjoying this manga.

I will be back soon with another book to review soon!

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