Do you believe in Magic?

Let me tell you, I most certainly did with this charming MG/YA novel that kicks off a really good series.

Behind closed doors, hidden in shadows and beneath waxwork museums (yes, you heard me correct), a secret world of magic and mayhem awaits.
And if you hang around with a particularly strange man by the name of Skullduggery Pleasant then unfortunately trouble seems to swiftly follow.

The death of her uncle throws Stephanie into a world of dark mages and world ending plots, with a host of interesting characters and development.

Skullduggery Pleasant is really great read, even as a I’d call it Middle Grade. It’s fast paced, engaging and a totally death-defying read(hehe…little pun there)

Week 3


Finishing Quote:
You’d have to be dead inside to not find this book enjoyable!

I will be back soon with another book to review soon!

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