Afternoon Guild Rats,


I’m back and with another Friday feature.

Valentines day came and went and while the social media storm spoke of loving either your partner or loving yourself, I was falling in love with… a new WIP.

You see, I’ve been struggling to tie down something worth taking to the next level. My last two manuscripts, while finished at the first draft I re-read and discovered that they didn’t have the WOW factor I had hoped for when I’d initially wrote them and struggled to put my effort into them. While I enjoyed the characters and story, the last two haven’t made me want to put in the hours upon hours of slow boring repetition which editing can be.

However, I feel like I’ve chickened out on my last two WIP’s… Got me feeling like:


But really, i fear it might be because:


That being said, I’ve decided that I need some more writing help so started to look at writing courses for myself, to help nurture and grow whatever talent is currently hanging out at the back of me brain.

Learning is something we do all the time and with such access to technology and information, there’s never been a better time to start learning about what you’re interested today.

Check out sites like it’s so easy.

What would you want to learn about today?

Until next time, keep out of trouble… if you can.

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