Welcome to the Newest segment by me, a story telling platform with a difference!

For those who are familiar with my blogs, you will already know but for new fans on my website for the first time, there’s something you should know… I love stories!
I enjoy them in many different formats.
Books, Audiobooks, Movies, Graphic Novels, Manga, and a favourite of mine, Roleplaying Games.
I particularly enjoy the element of building worlds and exploring them from the varied point of views that RPG’s deliver. It’s refreshing and exciting and if you have the right sort of people then it can have wonderous moments!


In that light, I have started a new RPG campaign and with it I’m cataloguing the adventures of the group as we play D&D 5e but with a twist. This D&D campaign is set in the world of popular videogame: Armello!

Now I tried to do an RPG story before and due to the size it was unsustainable. This time I’m making smaller, condensed videos that highlight the key moments of the story and deliver them in weekly blocks. This week marks the first of the series, in which I’m calling… The Armello Adventures!

Armello Adventures

It’s going to be exciting, fast pace and hopefully enjoyable for people that they might find the series fun as it’s meant to be.

The world of Armello is bold and beautiful with rich possibility for this medium of RPG so I’m eager to get stuck in!

But I’ve waffled on enough… All that’s left to say is, I hope you like and leave some messages in the comments below to let me know what you think?

Until next time. Happy Gaming!

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