Armello Adventures – Episode 2


Welcome back to another addition of Armello Adventures, my new weekly story-telling, RPG show.

This week, we’re continuing with another episode of the D&D campaign!

The party are make their way to Laketown to investigate the disappearance of their friend, Francis Del Azzad. On the way things start to get a little crazy and the whole episode spirals off from there…

So get ready and buckle up for another exciting episode of ARMELLO ADVENTURES.

You can catch New Episodes, every Wednesday, 12PM GMT on my youtube channel.

Last week’s Episode:

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Find out more about the world of Armello at

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the photos, except that of my novel “Honour Among Thieves”. All other content acquired through deviantart.

Armello is licensed by League of Geek.

Armello Adventures theme song: Kingdom above the Sky by Peter Crowley.

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