Before Guardians of the Galaxy movies made a rag tag and poorly thrown together crew, mixed with inept leadership and more action than a Michael Bay film popular, there was The Tales of the Ketty Jay.

Frey is a bit of an obnoxious bastard and captain of the ship. With a perchance for getting himself, and by association, his crew in way more than they can handle, the story opens up in exactly that scenario.

Fast paced and exciting from the on-set, this book will have you turning pages quicker than a pirate vessel outrunning the Coalition Navy!

When the deal of a lifetime falls into Frey’s lap, he can’t help but take the bait.

What’s the expression, “if the deal looks too good to be true then it probably is!”

Hi-jinx and hilarious moments ensue as well as some well crafted and thought provoking character and plot development. This is a very strong start to an awesome Sci-fi/steampunk series and one that is well worth your attention.

Week 7

4/5 Doubloons!!!

Finishing Quote:
This series will trap your interest like a daemonist with his niece’s soul!

I will be back soon with another book to review soon!

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