Another Friday and another review and this week, we’re jumping back on the Manga train (choo-choo!!) And looking at Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

This series.


Its as if you took a classic fairy tale, take some modern YA tropes and blend it with a couple of puppies and you get this super cute story of love and the sacrifice we go on to recover that which we have lost.

The basic premise is based on a girl, Sakura, and a boy, Syoran, who have been this “best-firend” couple that really have feeling for one another.

Then enter some time travelling and space bandits, a wizard and assassin from another dimension and it all starts going crazy from here.

Long story short, Sakura loses her memories, particularly those she has about Syoran and they are scattered across the multi-verse in the form of these special feathers. So joined together on this quest to bring Sakura’s memory to her, the four thrown together seek the feathers, getting into heaps of trouble and intrigue.

Week 8

4/5 Doubloons!!!

Finishing Quote:
I wish I could forget this series, so I could fall in love with it all over again.

I will be back soon with another book to review soon!

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