Evening Guild Rats,


Can’t believe it’s been so long since I did one of these writing blogs!

Why you might ask, well… this here boy’s been busy!!

No resting on laurels here.

But I have let the blog slip and for that… Please forgive me…


My current inclination has been to put the Self-Publication on hold.
Due to the nature of my writing style, the current market, my genre and my novice status as a entrepreneur and businessman then I have found the process of establishing myself very difficult.

Added to this, I’ve generally fallen flat with the project and while I have been speaking and attending a couple writing events, I’ve found that as Honour Among Thieves was my first book, there is a very real possibility that I may have jumped the gun in publishing it outright.

At the time of coming up with the idea, Honour Among Thieves was nothing more than a New Years Resolution but it awoke something within me… a stirring that I had to do this. Had to make this my life.


I’m a born-again bibliophile and I’m happy to say that πŸ˜€

Of course this set into motion a series of events that rolled forwards and gathered speed and turned into Honour Among Thieves.

If I’m perfectly honest, I don;t know if I would change what I have done????

The whole process has made me think about what gopes into the book process… the stuff behind the Author, behind the pages. There is more to it than writing stories in my living room on a blank word doc… well there is if I want other people to read them. If I want to make a career from it.

There’s nothing I can say really but it’s just a feeling… a feeling that I can;t be happy unless I achieve what I want to achieve and that is to become an author.

Due to this I’ve made friends and had experiences that I’m truly grateful for, but it’s still not enough. Once I can support my family through my art then I might be (who knows) but I’m not going to find out by remaining where I am.

Honour Among Thieves has been an infancy. A growing step on a longer journey.

Am I there yet? HELL NO!

Right now, I’m barely a teenager in the writing life-cycle. There’s a lot more learning and growing to be done, but at least now my short term goals have expanded and my understanding become more realistic.

As such, my focus has shifted and I’m now choosing to pursue only Traditional publication and this will be under the name M. J. Henson, rather than Marcus J. Henson.

Therefore!!!! Honour Among Thieves is being retired at the end of May 2019. I will be withdrawing it from Amazon store and Kindle, so if you do want to read it, either purchase it soon.

But I digress….

Sooooooo very, very, very, very, very very, long story short…

I’ve been working on YA novel ideas with the hope of editing them ready for querying by the end of 2019.

Two projects that are coming along nicely. And they are called:

  • An Equation of Light – National Treasure meets big bang theory in the 1660’s! (Also a young Isaac Newton is the MC πŸ˜€ )
  • Project d’Artagnan – 3 Musketeers re-imagining, where d’Artagnan is a young woman, trying to find honour and her place in 18th Century France.

An Equation of Light has been completed (1st Draft – Lots of edits to do!!!) and d’Artagnan is currently 30k into 1st draft, though roughly 1/3 of the way through the plot so that’s looking to finish at about 90k, where as Equation of Light finished at 74K.

So there you go!


I am still alive!

I am still writing.

I’m not gonna stop and hope that one day I might be able to bring you these stories as proper traditionally published YA novels πŸ˜€

Until next… Happy Reading πŸ˜€

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