Welcome to The Writers Room.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be bringing a video on a specific writing topic or the writing journey itself.

Today’s Episode talks about: The Writers Couch

Hey guys and gals, I know we had a little fun with this episode but the topic of mental health as a Writer is something very important to me.
We are all people at the end of the day and while we all share a love of stories and look to them to escape sometimes, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about Mental Health Awareness at all.

The #authortube and #booktube communities are small but close knit fandoms. Let’s all look out for one another and support each other to reach our goals, and be there if needed.

What #mentalhealthawareness topics would you like to see me (and Dr. Goodvibes) cover?😊🙏🎦

If you are an author/writer who suffers with or in the past with any issues raised in today’s show then please feel free to get in touch or drop a comment in the description box below.


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