So I took most of August off to get my head sorted, figure out what I’m doing with my writing (and life in general) and from there I found some ideas, a new job and well, basically a new fire.

Writing, for any of you who have tried it, is bloody hard!

It long hours, little payback and when your finish it, the crippling anxiety of telling yourself that you’re not good enough and never will be screams at you all night long…
But then again, who needs sleep?

Therefore, I’m back, and back with hopefully some good news! (Depending on who you are) and that is that I will be re-launching my blogs as weekly content.

Long story short, tried booktube, found the who thing stressful, over saturated and concluded that all that time I was making videos could be better spent writing my next hopeful breakout idea!

Ergo, booktube is out and the blog is back!

I’m going to be bringing more content but not in constant cycle of everyday or two/three times a week, instead, I’m sticking to a realistic, 1 blog per week, which will be covering a wide array of writing topics from book reviews, TBR’s, writing processes and journeys and including some other bookish goodness.

It’s been a crazy summer and nearly threw in the towel, but hey, I’ve come this far, I simply can’t give up now??

Instead, I’ve dusted myself off, read a motivation proverb or two, drunk enough coffee to keep me away until Christmas and I’m good to go!!



So look out world….

I’m back!


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